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Teamspeak 3

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                          Stand: 2020-10-25 11:57:42

                          Top oder Flop?

                          Ferrari 275 GTB
                          * **

                          Hilf der Festbierbude

                          Spenden für den Gameserver

                          Donations for the Gameserver

                           Festbierbude - Dein freundlicher P&G-Server :: Downloads
                          Kategorie Verzeichnisse/Dateien
                          Die Standalone Cars der Festierbude
                          Es wird jedes Auto benötigt, mit dem sich bereits jemand in der Festbierbude befindet.

                          Um Euch die Arbeit des Herunterladens zu ersparen, stellen wir ein Autoupdate-Programm (in Vorbereitung) zur Verfügung. 

                          Standalone Cars installed on the "Festbierbude"
                          Each car is required which is already be used in the "Festbierbude"
                          ("infinite loop"-problem)


                          Die AddonTracks der Festbierbude
                          Es wird jeder Kurs benötigt der sich Zyklus der Festbierbude befindet
                          (s.a.: FAQ - "Ich kann nicht beitreten"-Problem)

                          Um Euch die Arbeit des Herunterladens zu ersparen, stellen wir ein Autoupdate-Programm (in Vorbereitung) zur Verfügung.


                          AddonTracks used by the "Festbierbude"

                          required if you like to join a race on the regarding track
                          (see also: FAQ - "Can't join"-problem)


                          Power&Glory v3.2 Complete Installer


                          What you will need:

                          • A GTR2 installation.  Either v1.0 or v1.1 (the P&G installer updates to 1.1).  A clean install is ideal.
                          • 4 files:
                          1. PnGv3.2_installer.exe
                          2. PnGv3.2.001
                          3. PnGv3.2.002
                          4. PnGv3.2.003
                          • Please pay attention to the names of the files, numbered data file names are critical.  No extra "[1]" or anything added anywhere in the file names.
                          • All the files should reside in the same folder.
                          • You DON'T need to UNPACK any of these.
                          • When installed in a clean copy of GTR2 using option #2 - the installation size is approximately 4.2 GB

                          How to start installing:
                          Just run PnGv3.2_installer.exe

                          Notes on the installing process itself:
                          The install process is straight forward except after a install type selection: "Please select the desired install type:"
                          We have 2 choices here to select from.

                          The differences between #1 and #2:

                          • #1 uses an existing GTR2 installation to copy needed files from to a new PnG folder.  Copy process will do CRC checking for some of the critical files to ensure that the resulting PnG folder will contain only correct file versions.  The GTR2 installation will remain intact, no files will be changed there.
                          • #2 will remove all unnecessary files from the given GTR2 path and add PnG files over them.  There will be no CRC checking for the remaining GTR2 files.  Naturally this GTR2 installation will not remain intact as it is converted to a full PnG installation.
                          Both #1 and #2 will copy/save your player profiles to the new PnG installation (if the source has profiles).

                          "Destination folder"   (with both #1 and #2)
                          This is the path where your PnG will reside in the end.  Note that in #2 this folder should have your preinstalled GTR2 in it to be converted.

                          "Source folder for GTR2 files"  (only with #1)
                          This should point to a folder where you have a clean GTR2 installation, either version 1.0 or 1.1.  The GTR2 files in there will not be modified.

                          In a popup window: "Would you like your player profiles copied from the GTR2 installation?"  (only with #1)
                          If you answer "No" the installer will not even try to copy your player profiles to the PnG installation.  Then when you start PnG the first time you will need to create a new profile for it to use.


                          Trouble Shooting - If you experience problems with the complete installation you can check the integrity of the downloaded files using this file checker

                          Run the installer and follow the instructions carefully.
                          We STRONGLY RECOMMEND installing on a clean GTR2 install (any version as the mod includes all patches) using options 1 and 2 for online stability.

                          Trouble Shooting - If you experience problems with the complete installation you can check the integrity of the downloaded files using this file checker



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                          Remository 3.24. is technology by Black Sheep Research

                          ABB ETCC 12 INFOS


                          Stand: 2020-10-25 12:03:25

                          Unser Angebot


                          Stand: 2020-10-25 12:03:25

                          Neueste Downloads

                          Rouen VLM 1955/1974
                          LeMans VLM 77/79
                          Montagna di Pietra
                          Mexico City 1967 (Update)

                          Stand: 2020-10-25 12:03:25

                          Neueste Dankeschön

                          ottosmops55 2020-10-21 20:39

                          ottosmops55 2020-10-21 20:37

                          Jürgen 2020-10-18 19:24

                          z1000a2 2020-10-17 23:07

                          z1000a2 2020-10-17 23:04

                          #1 | Event

                          Warte auf LIVE-Daten

                          #2 | 1km - 3km

                          Warte auf LIVE-Daten

                          #3 | 3km - 4km

                          Warte auf LIVE-Daten

                          #4 | 4km - 5km

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                          #5 | 5km - 6km

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                          #6 | 6km - 10km

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                          #7 | 10km - 25km

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                          #8 | - - 72km - -

                          Warte auf LIVE-Daten

                          Neueste Persönliche Bestzeiten

                          • Mike Hailwood
                            Imola 88: 00:01:30.199 (F1-88 Ferrari F1-87/88C)
                            25.Okt.20 -02:24
                          • Mike Hailwood
                            Imola 88: 00:01:31.400 (F1-88 McLaren MP4/4)
                            25.Okt.20 -01:53
                          • Mike Hailwood
                            Imola 88: 00:01:31.979 (F1-88 Lotus 100T)
                            25.Okt.20 -01:19
                          • Borris Thunder
                            Spa 66: 00:03:18.764 ((LMC) Porsche 917 K)
                            25.Okt.20 -00:23
                          • Soper
                            Spa 66: 00:03:38.962 ((LMC) Porsche 917 LH)
                            24.Okt.20 -22:17
                          • Harry P
                            Spa 66: 00:03:27.493 ((LMC) Porsche 908 LH)
                            24.Okt.20 -19:11
                          • Harry P
                            Spa 66: 00:03:25.634 ((LMC) Porsche 917 LH)
                            23.Okt.20 -19:19
                          • Harry P
                            Spa 66: 00:03:26.979 ((LMC) Porsche 908 K)
                            23.Okt.20 -18:58
                          • Marius
                            Imola 88: 00:01:33.734 (F1-88 Lotus 100T)
                            23.Okt.20 -02:30
                          • Holger_B
                            Monaco 88: 00:02:03.408 (Autobianchi A112 Abarth Gr5)
                            23.Okt.20 -02:28

                          Stand: 2020-10-25 12:02:44

                          Gameserver Statistik

                          --- Neuester Fahrer ---

                          (17.Okt.20 -14:50)

                          --- Aktivster Fahrer ---

                          in Woche 43:
                          Borris Thunder
                          431,26 km
                          in 35 Runden

                          im Oktober:
                          Borris Thunder
                          1.562,89 km
                          in 211 Runden

                          Borris Thunder
                          58.152,67 km
                          in 9.011 Runden

                          --- Gesamtstatistik ---

                          in Woche 43:
                          17 Fahrer
                          2.397,86 km
                          in 489 Runden

                          im Oktober:
                          30 Fahrer
                          10.615,15 km
                          in 1.958 Runden

                          427 Fahrer
                          1.014.077,71 km
                          in 229.639 Runden

                          Und wann schaust DU mal rein?

                          Stand: 2020-10-25 11:20:02